Why Lovely Madness?

A couple of years ago at A Hundred Monkeys, we reworked our Friday mornings. 

After spending the first hour of the day looking ahead to the next week’s projects and looking back at the week we just had, we spend the second hour of the day focused on our collective creativity.

You might say we use this time to work on our play. Or, play with our work. Or, mix play and work until they blur and morph into something else entirely, something just as necessary as either one on its own.

Here’s how it works

Each week someone on our team comes up with a creative exercise for Friday morning (the responsibility rotates, so everyone gets a turn). Beyond that, the only rule is that it involves a paper and pen. What results is usually some combination of words and pictures.

We call it Lovely Madness.

Somewhere in between getting to know each other’s handwriting and getting to surprise each other, you might strengthen your own creativity, while simultaneously giving yourself a break.

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